Feb. 15th, 2017

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I am reading two books right now.

Death at the Little Bighorn - I am a Custer fanatic. I am one of those who has actually stood at the battlefield and wondered what exactly happened on that fateful day in 1876. THis book promises a new look and a new theory but I am not seeing anything that new. I am interested that this author(Phillip Tucker) takes into account the battle narrative of the Sioux and the Cheyenne warriors who fought there that day. He also looks at the politics of the players - Custer, Grant, Sheridan, Sherman - and relates that effect on the battle as well. It is a slow read so I am keeping other books going as well.

The second book is A Spoonful of Murder, our February selection at the Cozy Mystery group I belong to. Lucky inherits a soup shop in a tiny town and someone is murdered... she has to save her shop and find the murderer... same old, same old. We'll see if this one has any interesting turns.

Supposed you can now add pics but I don't really see how yet... I do hate to have to go to LJ and add things I can't add here.


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