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Charlie Sheen is a complete and utter jackass. There is nothing else to say about him but that isn't going to stop me.

I hope that CBS tells him not to let the door hit him on the ass on the way out. I did not see his interviews this morning but this quote alone would have had me taking a ballbat to my television. He "said he's "tired of pretending I'm not a total, bitchin' rock star from Mars.""

Poor dear. He's squandered what little talent he actually had over the last year with drugs and alcohol and who knows what else. Mind you, the best I can tell, the only real talent he ever had in the first place was being Martin Sheen's son.

In a word, "blech!"

Wonder if he, Britney and Lindsay shouldn't form a morons club for people who have everything but can't manage to remove their heads from their asses long enough to enjoy it.

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Feb. 27th, 2011 12:44 am
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I am late again. No surprise but today was rather nice after a long line of shitty shitty days. My Aunt Janie came for lunch then we ate dinner with my friend Pam and her whole family so that was wonderful. The babies are growing like weeds! There are twin boys and a gorgeous little girl then there's Maddox, who will be 5 in March.

Tomorrow is banking and groceries and such. Not much on the agenda this week. A trip to the tractor store for a present for Maddox and some yummy salad and a tiny little pizza at our favorite pizza place. Pam is having knee surgery on Wednesday and her brother is having surgery Friday so I'll probably go hang out at her house Friday since her kids have to work and her mom will be with her brother.

How about the Oscars? I had seen so few of the movies and many of them looked just yucky. I will give Inception a try. I've been wanting to see The King's Speech because I adore Geoffrey Rush! Who doesn't love Barbossa? Luin77 did not like Black Swan but I might give it a try. 127 Hours, not my cup o' tea. Nor the boxing movie. Can't stand Mark Wahlberg. The scene from Rabbit Hole had a false ring... no person who had lost their child would EVER say what Kidman's character said about losing a 30 year old drug addict son is not the same as a four year old who got hit by a car... no frakking way. I can't stand Nicole Kidman anyway. And some movie about Ozark Mountain hicks? Really? bleh! We got our own hicks, thank you very much. WHERE ARE THE GOOD MOVIES!!!????

Sherlock and Watson were rather adorable at the Oscars as they bickered as only they can. RDJ=adorable wastrel Charlie Sheen=moronic washed up egomaniac. See the difference? Besides, I prefer RDJ's rakish good looks. I even like Jude as Watson... and I've never been a fan.

I enjoyed Anne Hathaway's dresses and must admit she'd looked better in one than James Franco. That boy could do a nice Dean Martin, don't cha think? I love a man who's all famous and stuff and still goes to grad school. How hot is that?

Galadriel was resplendent. Period. What else can you say about Cate Blanchett?

It's past one and I must sleeeeep. Love to you all and goodnight!

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Feb. 26th, 2011 12:42 am
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Yeah... just sayin'
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It's still Friday somewhere so I'm posting this.

NOt too bad a day. Shopped a little. Ate lunch with my aunt and my cousin. Larry and I made a yummy Pork LoMein from weight watchers. I'll post it to the recipe comm soon too.

Not much else to tell.
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I have been awful these last few days... just posting a quick hello and such. For that I am sorry but sometimes life is too busy and I'm too lazy for much.

I did get all 28 drabbles written and will have them all formatted here in a bit. I have not thanked you all for your comments but I will, perhaps in a blanket post. I will also be reposting them and my slashy santa to my fic journal as well as the appropriate ones to the OEAM Yahoo groups.

I have less than a week to decide on my [ profile] scifibigbang fiction and I truly am at a loss. I have one small bunny for SG-1 and some old Tolkien bunnies for long stories that I never wrote including one about Maeglin and a story of Gil-galad. Argh!!! What to do!

I did also manage to catch up on my reading groups today. I have not posted to the Mary Renualt one but I have read the chapters. I also managed to post to my B5 rewatch group and get my update ready for the B5 [ profile] universe_today, which is due tomorrow. I'm reading a Custer book too...[ profile] larian knows me and Custer! I even got a new Custer book last night too! Wheee!

Um, that's about it for me. Gotta format those drabbles and maybe do a bit of dragon hunting before I'm done here tonight!

Much love to you all!
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Not too bad a day. Went out to dinner tonbight and to Barnes and Noble to do a little shopping. Got a new Custer book. Yes, really. Gonna try to get a doc appt tomorrow and catch up on reading and posting!

The Name Game )
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It's late and I'm very tired. Night all!
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Hung around the house again today. Played FB apps mostly then we cooked dinner and watched some TV. I got all my drabbles typed for this month so all I have to do is put the headers on them and post them.

I'm afrai9d i am not terrible interesting these days. Maybe tomorrow!
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I am slightly less grumpy today though my foot si way less painful. Two nasty meds work better than one nasty med and the inflamation seems to be beaten back. That means I get to go out to eat Mexican food for dinner! Squee!

I have goofed off all day today though I do need to type some of my drabbles up for the rest of Feb. Maybe in a bit. Anyhow, that's it for me!
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I am to grumpy for many words today. Got gout again... after only about 3-4 weeks since last attack. We believe it has something to do with lising weight.

Speaking of weight, I've lost just over 16 pounds now and some of my clothes are a bit looser.

I've almost finished all my drabbles for Feb. and still haven't decided on my fandom for [ profile] scifibigbang. Help??

Late... time for some tv with Larry!
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Busy day today... sort of anyway. Did some things around the house this morning then visited my aunt in her new apartment. We grabbed a bite of lunch and headed to Walmart for some stuff then I came back home. Shina and Lydian came over and Shina made dinner for us. YUmmy Fajitas and refried beans! She even broght sugar free ice cream!

I realiuzed today that I've not decided on my subject for my [ profile] scifibigbang fic... any ideas? I am kind of partial to Stargate SG-1 stories but I've done two and need to move on to something else. Any long LOTR stories I could do\? ideas? Any other sci fi fandom?

Well, I need to clean up a little and stuff so goodnight all!
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Just a drive by hello tonight. Going to watch some more tvm grab a shower and go to bed soon.
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Have I managed to bore you all completely to death yet?


Well, let me try some more! :)

Today I have spent in PJs. I have been completely lazy for the last few days. Not sure why. But I have managed to read and comment on The Silmarillion, my Sherlock Holmes reading group, The Charioteer reading and my B5 rewatch group. I've written a few more drabbles and farmed a LOT on FB. Wheee!

I am enjoying The Silmarillion reading. I still think it makes more sense when you listen than when you read. I even read some out loud to [ profile] luin77 one day since she didn't have an English version, which she does now! I'd like to do The Children of Hurin next. I've not read it yet. Have any of you?

Well, I need to go and grab a shower then make some dinner in a while. Getting tired of cooking so much. I just want...I dunno! Something different!

Um, that's it for me.

Til tomorrow!
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Today is Valentine's Day. I got nice candy and a very cute card from Larry and we did a nice little dinner of steak, potato and salad then Shina and Lydian came over with sugar free cheesecake for dessert and it was wonderful! Shina wants to come back and make dinner for us on Thursday.

We did the Walmart thing and banking today too though I do have to run to the grocery store for a few other things and need to mail some stuff tomorrow.

Talked to [ profile] luin77 today too.

A pretty nice day.

The Slashy Santa Valentine fics came out today and mine was wonderful. It was a story about Cirdan and Gil-galad and had the perfect amount of humor! Thanks to [ profile] nuinzilien for such a great gift. You can read it here:

I will post mine to my fic journal and OEAM tomorrow too. I think it was liked too which made me happy.
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I made some new icons for my fiction:



Still being lazy. Larry is watching Oceans... Twelve? I'm going to dress in a bit and maybe go for a drive or something. Maybe I'll write drabbles or something. Making fajitas for dinner. WW has us cooking all the time, it seems. And eating fruit!

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Stayed home today and puttered about doing nothing much. We made some WW Hungarian Goulash for dinner and I'll add the menu to the recipe comm when I get it typed up. It had to be reworked because I am sure the WW people never actually cooked it.

Here is a meme I got from Zee at FB:
25 things... )
That's all, folks!
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Busy day today. Laundry, drabbles, cleaning, doing some Valentine stuff, typing drabbles, etc.

Getting ready to watch some TV with Larry and relax a bit. We did house stuff today then went out for dinner. Had broiled flounder and shrimp. Pretty good too.

I do hope that I don't get gout this time after eating fish. It had never happened before the last time either but who knows? I've never seemed to find that 'trigger' food that most people talk about avoiding to keep from getting an attack. My attacks are rather random.

Oh, the picture is not very clear but here is our potato chip polar bear:

Clearly, we need to get lives!

Happy weekend and join me again tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel!
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Wow! Ten days in a row! Go me!

Another day of little real accomplishment but still not such a bad day. Got some laundry done and wrote a few more drabbles. Hubby and I went out for chef salads at lunch then stopped for some groceries then back home.

It's cold here but not like other places and we have no snow so that's a real plus! Got the heat fixed so now it doesn't run all the time.

Can't think of a lot to say today.

Here is a heart shaped potato we found once. The potato finally dried up but here it the photo for posterity!

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Well, I'm here again before midnight. Busy day today. Went to Walmart for meds and just shopped around a bit. Got a food scale and some other things I probably didn't need. Larry helped my aunt move into her new apartment tonight. We stopped and ate a bite at Bojangles then home. I am tired!

Weigh in today was good: 15.5 pounds and my jeans are getting baggier. Yay! Now if I just felt better! Still not feeling so good... stomach hates healthy food!

Tomorrow, I hope to drabble a bit and clean a bit! Wheee!

Night all!


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