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Drabble #26: Untouchable (Sherlock Holmes)

Title: Untouchable
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I profit from these characters.
Rating: PG
Author: Alex (
Type: 100 word Drabble
Note: August 2017 Drabble. Prompt: Touch
Summary: Watson makes a mistake.



I found out quite by accident. I put my hand on his arm when we’d left his brother at the Diogenes Club. Mycroft had been his usual sarcastic self and Holmes left in a fit of pique. He’d jerked away as if my touch had burned him. I said nothing at all, just got in the hansom with him and rode in silence back to Baker Street.

Once at home, he’d lit up a cigarette and stared out the window for a long while, whether due to Mycroft’s words or my touch, I don’t know.

I won’t touch him again.
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Oh, I like this! Watson sees a lot.
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