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alexcat ([personal profile] alexcat) wrote2010-06-15 06:32 pm
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nablopomo #15

What's your superpower? (today's prompt)
Well, since I really don't have any superpowers, I will tell you the one I'd like: invisibility. Wouldn't it be grand to slip around and never be seen unless you wanted to? I'd be just like Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. I could slip in and out of places without anyone ever seeing me. I could peep in at that man behind the curtain and he'd never know. I ... well, okay, it doesn't seem like such a wonderful power but it's still the one I'd want. Wonder if I could get a Ring of Power to go with it?

My real superpower of today was helping Larry clean out the washroom. We didn't get too much out of it: One bag of trash and some things for Goodwill but then it's a tiny, tiny room. Yay for us!

I felt a bit less listless today... can you say that really fast? :) The B-12 shot really helps a lot. That and I have rested more and eaten less too. Go me!

Hugs to everyone out there!