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What's your superpower? (today's prompt)
Well, since I really don't have any superpowers, I will tell you the one I'd like: invisibility. Wouldn't it be grand to slip around and never be seen unless you wanted to? I'd be just like Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. I could slip in and out of places without anyone ever seeing me. I could peep in at that man behind the curtain and he'd never know. I ... well, okay, it doesn't seem like such a wonderful power but it's still the one I'd want. Wonder if I could get a Ring of Power to go with it?

My real superpower of today was helping Larry clean out the washroom. We didn't get too much out of it: One bag of trash and some things for Goodwill but then it's a tiny, tiny room. Yay for us!

I felt a bit less listless today... can you say that really fast? :) The B-12 shot really helps a lot. That and I have rested more and eaten less too. Go me!

Hugs to everyone out there!
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Today was busy again. I had to make lunch for my aunt and my cousins and I really wasn't up to it but we did okay. After lunch, Larry and I did nothing much... watched a movie on Tv and rested. I finally got my B-12 shot last night. I kept forgetting and I run down like a watch if I don;t take it about once a month. I had run down to simply feeling like crap.

This week I need to get some packages ready to mail, catch up my papaerowrk and try to get about 5000 words done on my Big Bang story. I did at least get it started. I have toread the next Hobbit chapter tomorrow and post about it. We are getting close to be done with it.

Not much else happening here... it was about 93 degrees today, too hot to even venture out without being wet with sweat in a few minutes. We tend to have very high humidity... it's been super high these last few days!
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Another night with little to say.

It's about to get stormy again... and I'll have to shut the computer down. We had some rain today... a nice storm passed... cooled things down a bit. We're having a bit of a heat wave with the temps hovering around 90 and it's humid as can be. Not a pleasant thing.

Today was the fifth anniversary of Sara's death and it was a somber day. Both of us feel like raw nreves the whole month of June and this day and her birthday are the worst ones...

That's all for now.
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Crap... I almost forgot again. Was watching Transformers. Yeah, I'm behind but it was cute. I want an Optimus Prime!

NOt done much of anything today... I'm worn out for some reason! I'll try to write earlier tomorrow!
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I am running just under the line here.

I actually began my [ profile] scifibigbang fic today. I have a loose plot but not a real plot so I have no idea how it's going to come out. I am writing about mini Jack from Season Seven. He was a clone of Jack O'Neill... but they never pick him back up so I figure he has a tale to tell.

I will consider your ideas and such... just post them.

Not looking forward to the weekend... not at all.
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Busy day again today. Shopped, cooked, hung out with my aunt.

I really am going to do the first chapter of my 25,000 word story tomorrow as well as the three or four loads of laundry that are ready for my attention. I was going to do that stuff today but I simply didn't.

NOt a lot else to say. I posted!!!
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Busy day today.

We put flowers on the graves.

I went to Walmart to get some photos copied for Mama's friend. I made her a little album and am making one for Mama's brother and sister too. Came home and unloaded the junk food I got too and a small table just right for sewing or the laptop.

We decided to go out to dinner after I talked to [ profile] luin77 on the phone and yes, Jenny, I ate steak! Just for you! We went to Goober's.

We sprayed the garden with Miracle-gro when we got home. We have tiny peppers and tomatoes but our plants all look a bit yelloe and puny so we decided maybe the fertilize spray might help. I hope it works.

Larry got some rum for me to make vanilla flavoring. I bought this bottle with vanilla in it... you just unroll the vanilla, pour in the rum and let it age for about 3 months. THAT's where the rum has gone!

And with that, I bid you goodnight!
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Today was rather busy and that's a good thing. Tomorrow looks to be busy too. My aunt went with me to get groceries at Walmart today. Larry usually goes and hates it so I drafter her to help. We had a nice late breakfast then shopped.

Home and unloaded then Larry and I made old fashioned Country style steak and gravy. It was good. I'll put the recipe up at the recipe comm. Tons of dishes then my Tolkien chapter for the week. And this post.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my mother's death. We will put new flowers on her and Daddy's grave as well as new ones for Sara's. I will also hunt some photos for one of her friends. She had asked long ago but I forgot so I will get them tomorrow and pop them in the mail.

I think it's about time to rest and call it a day.
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Not much to say today. This is not a week I am looking forwatd to. Mama died a year ago June 8th and Sara will be gone 5 years on June 12th. Just not a lot good a person can say about a week like this.

Got my bills paid and gotta do groceries and read Tolkien tomorrow. Gotta begin [ profile] scifibigbang tomorrow too. I need to stay busy this week... very very busy!
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Well, I am not sure again that I have anything to say. I have played games on the computer nearly all frakking day! I have to stop! I've got 25,000 words to write before the end of July. I am beginning tomorrow with the prologue. Nope, not gonna tell you what it's about other than to say it's SG-1 centric with a bit of SGA and a tiny bit of SGUgh.

Having said that, I am bored! I had so much fun when [ profile] luin77 was here that I have been bored to death since. Larry and I do nothing together but eat, go to the movies and watch tv... we have nmo hobbies or interests together other than those and I am soooo bored!!

Oh and yes, I did miss a day and wrote a very short post for that day... sue me! :)
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Okay, so it's cheating... I care why? [ profile] luin77 insists that I backdate for yesterday and continue this so this is notice that I am doing so. I seriously could care less what the website says... it's not like you actually GET anything so here it is~!
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I have no idea what I want to write about today.

"Freedom" was the prompt. A friend told me that the German press is doing a dialog thing with the Chinese press and she said it was rather laughable since the Chinese press is government run and controlled. They explained to the Germans how horrid it would be if the Chinese people were actually FREE to say what they thought. They went on to say that freedom of the press would cause chaos in China. I laughed and told her that in the US, that very chaos is one of our most prized rights. We have people of all opinions here and they are free to express their opinions (for the most part) except for the ones that the Bushes and Reagan have taken from us.

She also mentioned how Americans seem so afraid of the words 'socialism' and 'communism', which is very true. We have Joseph McCarthy and Rush Numbskull--- err, Limbaugh to thank for much of that. I was looking at the books in Wal-mart one day and I heard these two women talking about all the rights that Obama has taken from us and how we are becoming a socialist nation... uh, pardon me but what rights exactly? No one has answered that to my satisfaction. As for socialism, we've been partially a socialist society since the 1930s. Ever hear of Social Security or any of the other social programs that have helped so many Americans in one way or another for all these years?

Um, ranting again, wasn't I? Not so sure this blogging every day is all that great. It mostly just pisses me off. :/
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Not doing the prompt today.

Ranting a little instead.

The BP oil spill is terrifying. It makes all other environmental disasters look like tiny accidents while this... this could be catastrophic. What if they don't fix it. How long until there is no more oil running out? Weeks? Months? Years? Will it cover all the oceans in greasy tar and sludge? These are questions I want answers to.

What is DC doing? Trying to find someone to blame. What aren't they trying to find more solutions? The time for assigning blame and sanctions is later. NOW is the time to STOP this disaster. This is not just an inconvenience to the Gulf states. This can affect the entire planet... and all of us.

Here is a link to a view of the spill and the latest news:
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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Well, I'm not sure that I actually consider this a post so there will be some other stuff too. To answer the question, I wanted to be a horse. Since this was not possible, I wanted to be a boy. this also was not possible... or at least I don't think it was then.

So I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I became one and honestly, I have no idea WHAT I was thinking. I have a degree in English and I graduated when there was a glut of teachers so all I could find was a temp gig at an elementary school teaching health and english to 7th and 8th graders whose reading levels went from k-12th grade. Getting the idea?

I am a writer, not by profession (yet). I love writing and crafting stories more than anything else. So there. Is that an answer? Do I have to grow up though?


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