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alexcat ([personal profile] alexcat) wrote2010-06-07 10:11 pm
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nablopomo #7

Today was rather busy and that's a good thing. Tomorrow looks to be busy too. My aunt went with me to get groceries at Walmart today. Larry usually goes and hates it so I drafter her to help. We had a nice late breakfast then shopped.

Home and unloaded then Larry and I made old fashioned Country style steak and gravy. It was good. I'll put the recipe up at the recipe comm. Tons of dishes then my Tolkien chapter for the week. And this post.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my mother's death. We will put new flowers on her and Daddy's grave as well as new ones for Sara's. I will also hunt some photos for one of her friends. She had asked long ago but I forgot so I will get them tomorrow and pop them in the mail.

I think it's about time to rest and call it a day.