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Nablopomo #3

I have no idea what I want to write about today.

"Freedom" was the prompt. A friend told me that the German press is doing a dialog thing with the Chinese press and she said it was rather laughable since the Chinese press is government run and controlled. They explained to the Germans how horrid it would be if the Chinese people were actually FREE to say what they thought. They went on to say that freedom of the press would cause chaos in China. I laughed and told her that in the US, that very chaos is one of our most prized rights. We have people of all opinions here and they are free to express their opinions (for the most part) except for the ones that the Bushes and Reagan have taken from us.

She also mentioned how Americans seem so afraid of the words 'socialism' and 'communism', which is very true. We have Joseph McCarthy and Rush Numbskull--- err, Limbaugh to thank for much of that. I was looking at the books in Wal-mart one day and I heard these two women talking about all the rights that Obama has taken from us and how we are becoming a socialist nation... uh, pardon me but what rights exactly? No one has answered that to my satisfaction. As for socialism, we've been partially a socialist society since the 1930s. Ever hear of Social Security or any of the other social programs that have helped so many Americans in one way or another for all these years?

Um, ranting again, wasn't I? Not so sure this blogging every day is all that great. It mostly just pisses me off. :/