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Reading Wednesday

What I just read:
Cinco de Mayhem by Ann Myers
I have become quite fond of the 'cozy' mystery in the last couple of years. What's not to love? Recipes, romance and humor and of course, the obligatory corpse! The series is called the Sante Fe Cafe Series and it's quite food focused. Rita is a single mom of a gothy teenager who works in a New Mexican restaurant and catches killers with her 80 something boss in her spare time.

The food sounds great but with so many peppers and all the talk of heat in the food, I'm pretty sure I couldn't eat ANY of it.

What I'm reading now:
Feliz Navidead by Ann Myers
The next in the series. The last so far but I hope she writes some more of these. It's Christmas time and Rita's stuffy midwestern mother has come to visit. Madness ensues.

What am I reading next:
Thrawn by Timothy Zahn
Thrawn was arguably the best character in the Star Wars "Legends"(used to be canon until the evil mouse empire bought it) universe. He was alien, brilliant with red eyes and blue skin. He judged a species and an enemy but their art. And he was usually spot on. He's been in the tv show Star Wars Rebels this season and I'm looking forward to reading the book. He is even more fun than Vader!
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[personal profile] mithrial 2017-04-13 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi Alex, I love the sound of murder mystery with wonderful food. I would probably have me raiding the kitchen after every chapter.

I don't know the Star Wars character, he sounds interesting though.

I've just started re-reading the Silmarillion. (Last time attempted was in my teens and I gave up after the elves.) Although I've listened through all the way on Audible I realised that if I wanted to actually remember it all, I'd have to read it in small bites. So I may be some time.

And we're back to the food again. Lots about as it's Easter weekend.
Have a good break.
Tia xx.
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[personal profile] mithrial 2017-05-23 05:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow. Thanks for the link.