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Writer's Block: What's been seen can’t be unseen

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Blair Witch Project

I'd read that this was such a cool and scary movie that I thought why not? I don't normally watch horror movies but this one was billed as something really great done by film students.


I read a joke about it later that said they had a $10,000 budget and they spent $400 to rent a camera and $9600 on booze and drugs. I'd beleive it.

The movie was silly. The only thing the actors were capable of was saying the f word every other word and there was no story... well, maybe Hansel and Gretel. Most of the movie was various shots of the ground. The ground when they stood still, the ground when they ran... I told my daughter she should get the video cam and run in the woods for a bit and maybe we could sell it for thousands of dollars.

The theater was packed when we saw it and people actually stood up and booed at the end. I've never been a film that happened at before or since. It was stupid and a waste of time.

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