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I actually posted yesterday... just didn't name it.

Anyhow, we are on our 10th day of 14 day pickles... the house spells spicey and vinegary and like a pickle factory. Next week, I am thinking we will buy some tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce. I'm sure Larry will be glad when I quit for the season.

I got pissed today. I belong to Paperback Swap and had some credits so I ordered this large print Sherlock Holmes and I get a 'cannot mail' note today. The moron had lent the book and never bothered to remove it from their listing. I sent them a rather rude thank you note. Jerk!

What does one ask for from Denmark. A friend is visiting there and asked me what did I want as a souvenir. Anyone?

Tomorrow I go back to the foot doctor and he has to fix the ingrown toenail that his nurse caused by chopping my toenail off too short... argh! She was very nice but I really don't need new problems caused by nurses!

That's all folks. Gonna go watch some tv and hit the sack.

OOOOH! Might get some fresh Krispy Kremes tomorrow!
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Didn't do anything much today. Grilled steaks with my aunt and read. That's it. Tomorrow is a day to watch some eps of Stargates for my story and to get into Chapter Two.

That is all!
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Everyone here where I live seems to think it's the 4th of July... well, folks, it's not. Not sure why the parades and celebrations can't be held on a Sunday.

I have been thinking of retiring. From what, you ask? Writing LOTR. The fandom is not dead but it is rather... tired I think. All the new things I am seeing are much like the first things I saw years ago. Mary Sues. People who write totally out there AU's are hailing themselves as great writers and offering ZIP files of their great works. Canon fiction seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur. Or maybe I am the dinosaur. I am not seeing much commentary here at OEAM or on the Yahoo groups about anything anymore though I do think there are still some readers and writers out there. I am just not sure I have a lot more to say in the fandom.

Will I leave the fandom then? No. I think OEAM is one of the last good archives left. And we are one of the only ones that is not self-posting, which I like. I had hoped adding fandoms would make it livelier but so far, I have not seen that. I cringe every time someone has the nerve to post to the yahoo groups a link to their fic somewhere else. I should be like other group owners and bust them but why bother?

I read a little in the Sherlock Holmes fandom... wondering when it will die down. I write a bit of Stargate fiction though I don't think anyone reads it. Is fanfiction dead then? If it's not, where is it? Twilight? *Shivers with revulsion*.

And that is today's post!
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Not a lot to say tonight. Cleaned house today and picked up meds from Wmart... not a lot more. Played games at FB... like I do every day. Big woop.

We have no plans except to eat some steaks Sunday. I hoped we'd be doing something but nope, not a damn thing. Oh well.

It's getting hot again... I am already ready for summer to be over. I don't do heat well at all!

That's it for today... night all!
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I am going to try this again. The theme at the blog thing is 'saved' and since I'm not going to do that, I will do whatever strikes my fancy for the most part.

Today has been long, boring and annoying. I can't tell you why because I don't really know. It just has. I fell like I'm alone all the time, even when Larry is here. He doesn't say much and never really wants to do anything. Everyone else is gone. Janie works. Shina is at the beach for the summer. Mama and Sara are not here anymore. I don't even have anything to do on the 4th. Blah.

ON a happier note, I read the new Stephanie Plum novel and loved it! It has a Hobbit convention!!! I need to poke around and find something else light and fun to read. Got lots of funny vampire romances. I need to choose one!

Well, my nasty kitchen is calling!


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