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Finally they are all written and posted. I had ideally want to actually post one a day in real time but that did not work out. I did, however, get all 31 done and posted as of now. The three of you who made requests, yours are there if you've not seen them.

#9 for [personal profile] silver_trails
#17 for [profile] outercorner
#23 for [personal profile] anoyo

I will post them to Ao3 in the next few days as well as to my writing journal and OEAM. I also will answer all your feedback as soon as I can. Your comments have not gone unnoticed!

September will be poetry. I was an English major and even though I am not a poet myself, I LOVE poetry more than any other literature. I will share a favorite each day and hopefully write a word or two about why I chose the poem.

Thank you all for bearing with me.
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We made a viewer from a sheet of paper and it worked great!

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Or what I'm doing on my summer vacation...

Long time, no rl update. The reason is that my life is rather quiet, for the most part.

It's hot here... very hot, mid-90s and so humid that the air drips.

I spend my days playing games on Facebook, which I would leave but for my game addiction.

I also do quite a few things in the Babylon 5 fandom - an update every two weeks of fandom things like fics, art and newsishness, I mod and post at a rewatch group as well. we are over halfway through Season 4. If you're a fan, join us at either Lj or Dw. Our name is B5_revisited. Once a year, I mod a B5 fan celebration called Babylon 5 Love and we post B5 fics, art , metas... anything every day for a month, usually Feb because well, you know, love!

I am doing Sins this year (Or is it still Ardor in August?). I have the story in my head but not typed yet. Starting this week.

Signups for the Oeam Big bang close at the end of the month as well. We have several. I wish we'd get a big bunch but OEAM apparently doesn't reach far and I'm just not a Tumblr person... NO clue what one does there.

OEAM is still up and running - the self upload site that EVERYONE swore they wanted so they could post to... um, I post there and maybe one more person now and again. It's a lovely archive and I monitor it nearly every day. It doesn't show up right on Google and I can't fix it. After Tallulah, Elfscribe and Marius (and others as well) worked and worked and worked, my webhost sent me a note telling us that we were using too much band width and if we didn't cut it down, they were going to shut us down. We - well Tallulah - worked tirelessly to do all the things they suggested to no avail. SOOOO I got us a new webhost and we were never able to get the site uploaded there. We realized that we were not using what they said anyway. They were doing this in an attempt to get me to change to a $40+ a month site, which I refused to do. So as one of the fixes, we sort of got off the search engines. We are at - nothing more. That is us.

I'm still old and still mobility impaired. I work on gaming, fanning and I've taken up reading cozy mysteries and belong to a group at FB that discusses one a month. It's fun. I am trying to spend more time reading than I have in past years. I also have a new overlock sewing machine... brand new - not even out of the box yet. I have to learn how to use it now. There are lots of nice videos at Youtube (you can learn to do almost anything there). I ma making some little craftish sewing projects and hope to make a few clothes as well when I get the hang of this thing.

Larry works at home and is working lots of long hours so I'm on my own most of the time. Sometimes I think it would be nice if he had an office off the premises... but then again, he is here all the time and I kinda like that, too.

That's all I can think of... gotta grab a shower and then it'll be time for Chinese takeout and British mysteries on PBS - our Saturday night excitement. I do love my Midsomer Murders!

So what are all y'all up to this summer? (Really! I want to know!)

Home again

May. 22nd, 2017 07:11 am
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We are home after three weeks in Germany with Jenny and her family. And I think they might even still like us!

We visited Essen, Munich, Lake Konigssee in the German Alps and some small towns in the Austrian Alps, Berlin, Peine, Hamburg, and Köln. We saw wonderful things and ate tons of wonderful food. Jenny and her family made all the hotel and restaurant reservations and made sure I could ride my mobility scooter to museums and on trains and buses. We gave them a list of things we'd like to see and they made an itinerary for us. And Jenny even took 3 weeks off from work to hang out with us. I can't thank them enough!!

Germany is am amazing country! I saw Van Gogh's in the art museums, I saw the bust of Nefertiti in Berlin, the Ishtar Gate from Ancient Babylon, several famous beerhalls, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate. I ate German food, Turkish, Yugoslavian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, along with fish from a harbor vendor and homemade Schnitzel.

We rode planes, trains and automobiles all over the place.

We have thousands of photos.

And I am tired and have 3 weeks of laundry to do...

I will be catching up as I can and sharing some photos as well. I miss Jenny and her folks but it is also good to be back home too. I wish that i could bring them with us.
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Okay, so we have Reading Wednesday... I'd like to post other things every week on other days. Ideas for better ones?

Here's what i have :

Sunday - Give thanks. Talk about something in your life you're thankful for. Even if it's tiny.

Monday - Music Monday. Anything about the music you listen to or like; artis profiles, recs, reviews, anything

Tuesday - Artisitc stuff like fiction writing or writing of any sort, knitting, sewing, carpentry... whatever you do or have done.

Wednesday - Reading

Thursday - Throwback Thursday. Childhood memories, old photos, old blog posts...stuff from the past

Friday - Fandom stuff. Faves, new ones, actors, musicians, anything you're a fan of want to talk about.

Saturday - Wellness Saturday. Things that you do for self-care, health and happiness.(idea from [personal profile] mergatrude)

So whatd'ya think? Anyone wanna try it with me?
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And a welcome to all new folks!

It's cold and bleak here in North Carolina, a beautiful state with a 3:1 idiot ratio.

But that's not what I came here to talk about. I'm going to talk about me - a subject that I don't often talk about because I don't always interest me that much! Or perhaps I simply know a lot about me already.

I'm mid 50's, married to the same man for 36+ years. We had one daughter who was killed in a car crash in 2005. She was our love and our lives so we muddle along as well as we can.

Fandom is my escape from that and my not so great health.

I came into fandom through Babylon 5 then I stumbled over Legolas. I had read The Hobbit, LOTR and The Silmarillion years ago and loved them. The film adaptations of LOTR were wonderful... yes, they moved things a bit, but the spirit was intact. I met some wonderful people, people who became real life, in person friends as well. I also met a few who were bantha poodoo.

I love to post links to my writing (I also have a fic journal [personal profile] alexs_storybook- ask to be added) and I also post my fics on AO3 and OEAM. I like to challenge myself to post every day in a given month - sometimes just random stuff, sometimes a theme such as Halloween in October, and sometimes drabbles or stories each day.

I have seen people doing Reading Wednesday and I think I might try that too. I uised to read 100-200 books a year but I do good to read 25 these days. Between the internet and other stuff, i simple don't find as much time as I used to. I hope to fix that some in the coming year.

It's getting late and I've been popping in and out working on this post for a while.

Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are...
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It's been awhile.

We've been very busy since November...Jenny came to visit for Thanksgiving.

Then the fun started. MY FIL got so bad that he was starting to fight Larry and his brother Mark. He was calling 25+ times a day to both of them and there was no pacification at all. On about December 12, Mark was brushing his teeth one morning and Dad met him with fists raised. Mark moved in with us.

Both brothers stayed away as much as possible to see how the parents got along, though both Mark and Larry made sure they had food and such. On Feb 12, a friend called and said Dad's injured foot was infected; Mark went up to check it and it was really bad. Larry took Dad to the hospital and they removed a toe.

He was so mean and uncontrollable that they got rid of him asap and the rehab facility(Golden Living) kept him about a week, maybe 10 days before he hit a caregiver and tried to run over some guests in a wheelchair, as well as trying to escape three times. They sent him to the local hospital for a psych eval. All this time, Larry is trying to get guardianship because all the medical morons are telling him that if Dad wants to come home, he can.

The local hospital sent him to one(Davis Regional) more than an hour away - where he was reported to be docile. He stayed there maybe a week as well. This is now March, maybe mid March. That hospital arranged for him to be sent to a Dementia/Alzheimer's facility called Brookdale an hour away as well. Larry began to work on getting him transferred to something more local.

We had not seen him in several days. Larry saw him at the last hospital... he did not visit him personally because his presence always made Dad go bonkers. We went down to Brookdale to take him more clothes and such and there he was, no glasses, in a bib, babbling incoherently and unable to stand! I barely recognized him. The excuse was that the Alzheimer's had done this. Um, no. In my opinion, it was the massive amounts of drugs they gave him to make docile. Four days later, Brookdale called and said he was unresponsive. He had massive, systemic infection and was sent to hospice care on Friday and died about 26 hours later.

So that was December-March. Mark is living at home with Mom, who is also in dementia and doesn't know her head from a hole in wall. I treid to help by making dinner 2-3 times a week but Mark got so hateful that I said 'Fuck it' and don't even go to visit.

I have been very involved in fandom and busy with many things there. It has been my refuge through all this crap with the in-laws. I do a biweekly update(lj user=universe_today> in the Babylon 5 fandom as well as modding and leading some of the discussion on a B5 rewatch[community profile] b5_revisited as well. We are in the middle of our Annual OEAM Big Bang right now too. Also, [personal profile] talullahred tells me we are getting closer to having all our fiction migrated to OEAM's new self upload site. I am hoping to have a grand opening soon. There are many of you out there who are helping do this and I will thank you all by name when we go live. I don't know what we'd have done without your help.

Jenny came to visit on May 5th and we shopped and cooked and had a lovely time. We did some crafts of which I will post pics later on LJ and we cooked. We planted a few things in pots, which is how I garden these days. We saw Captain America: Civil War and loved it. My Tony/Steve bunnies are biting. We also got colds, and mine laid me low for several days. We dropped Jenny at the airport on Wednesday and I haven't actually left the house since! I didn't do anything but lay on the sofa and watch tv until Saturday.

I am better now and am ready to finish uploading my fics to OEAM, get to work on that OEAMBB fiction and try to get through June. We lost our Sara 11 years ago in June and my mom 7 years ago in June. It's a hard month. Keep us in your thoughts.

Oh and towel day is May 25th! So drink a Pangalactic Gargle Blaster in Douglas Adam's memory! And don't forget your towel!
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I have no idea when I last actually updated but my life has been a crazy rollercoaster since both of my senile in-laws have decided to slide down the rabbithole here at once.

My father in law got so mean in December that my BIL moved in with us. We all actually got along fairly well but then Dad had to go to the hospital and Mark moved back to be with Mom. Dad injured his foot 20 or so years ago and separated the bones from two of his toes from the rest of his foot. He must have killed the nerves in his foot because he dropped an 800 pound wood splitter on it and said it never hurt at all. Over the years, the unattached foot bone began to try to poke through the bottom of his foot, making a small injury. He went to lots of doctors and did nothing they advised since HE wanted the toes cut off as he was totally convinced that was all that needed doing. About 3 years ago, Larry starts taking him to the VA, where he is prescribed orthptics and to keep off his foot for a few weeks and use a special boot for a while to allow some healing. He pulled the boot off and refused to wear it all since it didn't look good. This battlee raged all summer last summer until Dad tried to hit Larry.

After Mark was here for 2 months, one of Dad's friend's called and said his foot was horrible looking -he'd showed it to them. On Feb 12, Larry took him to the hospital where they removed one toe. He was so mean, they quickly sent him to a regab/mursing center. He assaulted a caregiver and tried to run over two visitors(not HIS visitors) in the lobby with a wheel chair. That place booted him out, sending him to the local hospital for a psych evaluation, which he'd already had at the first hospital. Big surprise! He has dementia! He is again so mean that they send him to a geriatric psych ward in a hospital over an hour away. He's been there 6 or 7 days and they're sending him to a home in another city almost an hour away for a trial run.

Meanwhile, these idiotic people have no arrangements for their property or sizable bank accounts so Larry nor Mark with inherit a single thing from them - Larry has spent the last month trying to get all their legal affairs under his guardianship and power of attorney so he can take care of them.

Frankly, at this point, I'm for letting the coyotes eat them!

Also, I am a few weeks away from having my upper overdenture that snaps onto my implant posts. This entire process has taken over a year but I finally, for once in my life, have a nice pretty smile. On my LJ, I will include a photo sample of what the implants I have look like. You might get a smiling photo of ME later!

I also have just finished up with the B5 Love Month at LJ -- I wrote several entries myself. We are rewatching Season 1 of B5 as well at B5-Revisited. I do many of the summaries there though I do have a lot of help from [profile] user, even though she is very busy with a move and a new job away from her family. Every 2 weeks, I do a B5 update at [community profile] universe_today. As you might guess, I am a B5 fan and peddling hard to keep the fandom going - it's still pretty popular too.

[profile] tallulahred and [personal profile] ysilme are the wonderful women who are doing the lion's share of the work at the new and improved OEAM. Thanks to all of you who are helping by uploading your own works or helping with the migration. If you have work there and would like to upload your own stuff OR help, contact me and I'll fix you right up. I'm hoping to throw an online premiere and grand opening when it's all done. If you have ideas about that, I'd love to hear them as well. Just email me.

And pain, hip, back... I really need to take some weight off but with all this stress, i eat more! No doctor seems willing and/or able to help either. I have a terrible intolerance for many, many meds and inflammation drugs rank near the top of those!

It's almost one and I need to finish up.

And don't even ask me about politics!


Oct. 4th, 2015 11:50 pm
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What have I been doing?

We went on vacation and spent about 4 days of it inside because of rain then we came home and it's rained every single day since. I didn't get online much during my vacation and when I came home, I hurried to get some things done because I was having my upper teeth pulled on October 1st.

I'm glad I did the bottom ones first because if I'd done these, I might not want to do more. I had a lot of pain and cannot wear my temp denture right now because it needs some lining and smoothing. It has torn my poor mouth up. The pain without it in is almost gone though. I can't go out because my face is swollen and black and yellow. Last time, we went to the store and I thought the girl who waited on us was going to call the cops. She really gave Larry the evil eye.

I'm sleeping on the sofa for now since I can't lay in the bed and breathe. I'm eating yogurt, pudding, jello and such. Yummm! I'm already ready for something with more flavor and some texture. Not eating Soylent Green yet!

Can't think of much to say but that might have something to do with the time as well.
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Okay, so last Wednesday, my doctor's office calls and tells me I have slight hypothyroidism. Okay, no big deal, right? I know lots of people who take meds for that with no problem. I go get the medicine, Levothyroxine. I take one Thursday and all is well. After a couple of days I notice that I'm pretty restless at night but I'm still sleeping and I get cold, which is so not me. I'm almost never cold. Okay, still nothing too bad. I notice a little belly cramping but even that doesn't seem so bad.

Yesterday - well, the shit hit the fan. I didn't rest well and felt a little out of sorts when I got up. Belly still crampy, then the anxiety attack hits with shoulders and chest hurting and skin crawling. Then my face turns red and I'm on fire. Heart is beating so hard that I can feel it all over. It passes though the uneasiness doesn't nor do the cramps. Went to bed at midnight and had anxiety and all the rest ALL NIGHT LONG with no sleep. Called the doctor at 8:10.

Attack finally over but I'm a rag doll with almost no brain function today. Finally got a little nap while hubby mowed the yard.

No more of that crap for the foreseeable future. I go back in two months for more bloodwork and we check again.

I did not read the side effects sheet because my mind sometimes gives me side effects when I know what they are. BUT from now on, I will let Larry read the sheet for me and watch me when I take a new med.
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This is my week and it's made a grump. (Though there are some good things too!)

Monday - Ingrown toenail surgery. Hurt but okay. Got antibiotics and obligatory tummy upset
Tuesday - Cortisone shots in knees. Made me steroid crazy. No sleep.
Wednesday - Hair color from hell. I have orange hair. Thinking of wearing a hat.
Thursday - Rain
Friday - Toe hurt and grumpy about hair.
Friday - Got BIG BANG done at last!!!

I guess it's time to decide about the hair, finish the damn antibiotics and write some MCU stuff!
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Did I get your attention? I should be working on my BigBang but I am instead doing all I can not to! I did, however, finish MSV and posted it today. Go me! I really want to write a little Peggy Carter/Cap fic and finish my Cap/Tony story but those will have to wait a bit.

I am getting new teeth. My real teeth were damaged before they ever came in by meds I took when I was about 5 and the enamel has always been thin and brittle. After I got a CPAP machine for my apnea, my teeth just began to wear away. All the molars cracked and decayed and had to be removed. That made the front ones wear away. Soo, I will, in the next few months, have them all pulled and have implant dentures. They cost a LOT but Larry and I both feel that they would be the best answer for me so by the end of this year, I should, for the first time in my life, have a lovely set of teeth to show when I smile. I g Tuesday for initial X-rays and to begin making an impression for the bottoms ones. I'll probably also pick out teeth size and color. I'm scared and excited!

Ack! Having an allergy attack in my eyes tonight and I have no idea what I'm allergic to. Could be laundry detergent or could be my friend who has a cat came over today and brought her laptop and Larry said it had cat hair all over it. anyhow, it's feeling a bit better but allergy drops burn like crazy!

I'm awfully glad to hear Mr. Nienna came through his procedure today and is doing okay. Maybe now both of them can get a bit of rest.

I think I'll go to bed soon...didn't get much sleep last night and have been pretty busy today so I'm pretty wiped out.

Night all!
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The series of books came to my attention a couple of years ago when I found out that they were really Twilight fanfiction turned into a ‘real’ book and I have to tell you I use the term 'real' VERY loosely. I decided to read the first one since so many people were tittering over it on FB.

Holy shit! What a mistake! I was introduced to a drab, dull character named Anastasia but called Ana. She was as interesting as vacuuming. Maybe less. And dumb. This girl made was made for the term dim bulb.

She gets to interview this rich guy with red hair and flannel slacks than hang on his hips in some mystical way. We know this because she tells us over and over and over and over and over…

Somehow he makes her sign a contract to be his submissive even though she doesn’t know what sex actually is and certainly has no idea what a submissive is. She hates it and likes it and blah blah blah…

By this time, I told Larry that this was the worst book I’d ever tried to read. He actually had a wonderful idea – stop wasting my time and read something I liked to read. I followed his advice and stopped.

So how can I talk about it?

I read enough to know it was poorly written. I also read enough to know that I did not care for the subject matter and also enough to know that this was not a good representation of what BDSM aficionados call the ‘lifestyle”. That sort of thing doesn’t float my boat and I’ll be damned if I even can make sense of it but to each his own.

It is quite obvious that this writer, and I call her that loosely, did no research on the lifestyle she was portraying. Hell, she didn’t even bother to learn American idiom and geography to write this book.

And now they advertise the movie. Have you seen the trailers? The actors are totally unappealing. Don Johnson’s daughter looks so ugly and plain that you wonder what anyone would find appealing and the guy who plays Grey is totally unremarkable. I’ve even read several accounts that the movie was so dull and unsexy that they had to reshoot scenes to make it sexy because there was NO chemistry between the two.

I won’t be seeing the movie. The books were so bad that I couldn’t force myself to finish them. You do what you like. I’m waiting for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Give me some James Spader any time instead of E.L. James.

(From my blog:
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or something like it!

I've been busy writing my OEAM Big Bang. I'm about 12,000 words in so far and I hope to finish it up this week so I can get my Slashy Valentine going too. OEAM Big Bang is Holmes again - versus the Ripper this time. Yeah, I know there have been movies and such but I have stayed away from them so I can do this without influence.

Been busy doing this and that too. This and that take up sooo much time! We decided that since we do not seem capable of cleaning up the basement in a timely manner, we will at least haul out one bag of garbage each week. I'd think that after 52 or so bags of trash, things would begin to look a little better.

I've set a little goal of 26-52 books this year but I'm a bit behind already since I've not even finished one yet. I need to make some time each day to read more. I'd like to read The Wheel of Time series and the Game of Thrones series as well as my usual suspects: Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries (which are ending), Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, MaryJanice Davidson's Betsy the Vampire Queen(which had become awful!), Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake's (which I refuse to buy unless they're used) as well as Jim Butcher's Dresden files, Harry Potter. Plus many many more - there are not enough hours for all the books!

January 20th is the 34th anniversary of our first date! Maybe dinner and a movie would be a nice way to celebrate. Doesn't seem like it could be that long ago!

Well, that wasn't much of an update but it was one nonetheless.

Busy Bee

Oct. 25th, 2012 01:11 am
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That is what [profile] luin77 calls me but I'm actually not as busy as all that. I have been doing tons of laundry this week and will do more tomorrow - just the sheets so Jenny's bed will be all clean and fresh. Got a little more cleaning to do then we're ready.

I've been feeling a bit crappy lately with sinus junk and headaches but I think most of the headache is from the antibiotics for the sinus crap! Argh! Feeling better tonight though since I finished the meds.

We're thinking about going to see Alex Cross tomorrow or Friday - Tyler Perry as Alex Cross is just odd to me! I loved the early books and liked the first two movies but Patterson stopped writing actual books and got co-writers, which probably means that the co-writer is doing the work. I guess that's how he puts out 10 or more books a year.

Not much to say other than that. It's very late and I'm beat. See y'all later!
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I am simply too tored an d sleepy to make any more sentences today. Goodnight!
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So I use a TRACFONE because I have almost no use for a cell phone. When I got it, it took 4 days to get my number transferred - 4 days of talking to one moron after another. But finally, success. so it's been a year and it's time for my new time and new days... I buy a card for 365 days and 800 minutes doubled but they tell me they can't do that since I already had double minutes for life. SOO they screw me out of 400 of my 1600 minutes and then take 9+ hours to get it all done. Are all phone companies such nincompoops? Oh and I can't even get a signal at my house!

The reason I dropped at&t was because we couldn't use the phone at all at home. when I called them about closing my account, they sent me to a woman in another country who spent hours trying to force me to buy a new phone so I could get better service. I finally had to hang up on her. I called the 800 number again and got this lovely woman who helped me do what I wanted to do without trying to drive me to murder.

Dish Network is the same way too. They used to be friendly and helpful and now all they want to do is sell you some service you don't want.

And XM Radio - we had it dropped on my car and they called every week offering us a better deal until we finally asked them to stop bothering us. So now they send a note every month or so.


Then there are the stores: Walmart, Best Buy,which used to a great place and now has no one to help you with anything at all. ARGH!!!
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LOL! Not really but today Larry's folks decided that we needed to come up and empty a piggy bank they kept for Sara from the time she was a baby until she died. It was completely full of mostly change. We got over 35 dollars in pennies alone. Not decided what to do with the money, it'll pay for a couple of nice dinners whenever we go on a vacation.

Went out to take fall photos today - the colors aren't grand but I got some nice ones... I'll try to post them tomorrow.

The sky has been amazing this afternoon... made me want to paint. Perhaps I'll get out my watercolors if nothing else and give it a try. I long to do something creative again. I have been loom knitting scarves for christmas. I'll post some photos when I get them blocked and all prettified. I know [profile] aglarien1 quilts and [personal profile] mdarkdreamer is a wonderful photographer. What sort of arts and crafts do any of the rest of you do? I'd love to see photos! Do you all remember those lovely little things Patricia used to make for us? I still have my cute little scissors thing.

Well, it's about time for 48 hours and some real life crime so I'll say goodnight and send my love out to you all!

Lazy Day

Oct. 18th, 2012 09:27 pm
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Didn't do much today.

We put fall flowers on the graves this morning so we'd beat the rain that was supposed to come this afternoon but it held off til night. Haven't felt great today, sort of droopy and tired but antibiotics seem to do that these days.

Gotta get my hair colored and cut tomorrow. First color since I lost my hair in 2008. I'm tired of grey! It makes me look grey all over.

I uploaded a couple more fictions to Ao3. These two are both pretty violent. Of Monsters and Men is an LOTR AU in which Boromir does not die but becomes a slave of Lurtz, the Uruk-Hai leader. Monster's Dance is an Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter story in which Nathaniel is abducted by a human monster. Give them a read but be warned, they're not for the faint-hearted.

Looks like I have time to post my dragons before elementary comes on at 10.


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