Aug. 6th, 2011

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is such a horrid piece of crap...I finally decided to add it to Battlestar Galactica as a train wreck show. Most of the people I know around home who watch say they are beginning to be bored by it.

I actually thought it was okay at first. But then we get all the awful Allan Ball characters. Like Tara... WTF? She's not even the same character. She's an awful character and the actress is flat and awful too, not to mention unattractive. Lafayatte... is DEAD and has been forever. Jesus? Yuck. Tommy? Really, the evil kid brother? Jessica? We needed teen angst? Hoyt is mostly a blip in the books. Goderic as Eric's maker? Um, no.

It goes on and on and none of the 'new' characters are an improvement and this year, there seems to be more gratuitous sex and violence than before. The last episode barely had any time for plot.

There are some good things... aren't there? Oh yeah. Sookie is Sookie. Anna Paquin is perfect as Sookie. And Pam is also quite perfect. Then there is Alcide. OH my... he is not only a good Alcide, he is totally gorgeous. He could make anyone howl at the moon!

Will I keep watching? Probably. Will I stop bitching? Nah, it's the most fun thing about the show.

PS: Gary Cole as Sookie's grandpa..LMFAO!!!
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100 photo meme )

Day 22 - A picture of something you never leave the house without

Someday I'll get a fancy one but right now, I like mine with its hook on the end! Very handy! :)


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