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I want to tell you about a man who is destroying the United States of America - his name is Donald Trump.

He is completely out of control and insane with power. He speaks in Adolf Hitler quotes and phrases. He preaches hate and violence to any and all. Just this week he outlawed transgender soldiers, appointed a freedom of religion ambassador -to protect Christians because, you know, there are no other religions, advocated that police brutalize those they arrest, incited children to boo a former president and his opponent in the last election, exhorted the military to 'fight dirty' in war. He also hired a little man who acts like and speaks like a sewer rat in Scaramucci, his new 'communications director'. And that was just this week.

This man needs to lose his job, along with his entire staff and his appointees. They are stupid, ill informed and in his case, evil. I have cut ties with many friends and family who voted for him - their betrayal of the USA is unforgivable to me.

I really don't care if you agree or not. If you feel compelled to to explain him to me, don't bother. We all know that those who 'wanted change' really wanted a white man in the White House and I really can't see where there is any discussion to be had.

Next week, I'll find something other than pond scum to talk about.
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Today the person I will post about is Alexander the Great. He died at 33 around this time in June in 323BC. I have been fascinated by him since we were taught about him in the third grade. He was the King of Macedonia and forged an empire that stretched from Greece to Northern India. He was a master general at the age of 18 and had conquered a good portion of the world by his death at 33.

He was born in Macedonia to King Philip II and his wife, a princess from what is today Albania. He was rumored, even then, to be fathered by Zeus himself. Legend says he got his beloved Bucephalas, the steed he rode all the way into India, when he was a young teen.

He and his companions studied under Aristotle and trained to be warriors together. They would eventually conquer the world together as well. One of his friends was Hephaestion, a youth who though not noble by birth, became Alexander's favorite companion and perhaps his lover as well.

Alexander is known for his generalship at such a young age. As long as men fought on foot and horseback, Alexander's tactics were used successfully. His father was said to be a brilliant general as well.

After his death, his companions fought over the spoils he left and his kingdom soon dissolved - perhaps the only thing holding it together was Alexander himself.

I have written several stories about Alexander - many of which you can find Here. You might need to friend me to read them.


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