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alexcat ([personal profile] alexcat) wrote2017-06-07 07:24 am

Reading Wednesday

Just Read:
Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel is a strange sci fi thriller about giant metallic body parts stashed all over the world - they are a weapon of some sort and the thing is being assenbled into what appears to be a giant woman. The book is written in the style of reports and interviews centering around a mysterious man who seems to be running the ahow and the scientists and soldiers who make the thing work.

Currently Reading:
Waking Gods by sylvain Neuvel is a sequel to the previous book and this time, many of these giants have landed on earth and so far, it has been an epic disaster. We know almost nothing of why they're here and who they are.
Out of Circulation is a cozy mystery by Mirandsa James(who is a man writer). We're reading it for out cozy mystery club on Facebook. It centers around a small town college librarian and his cat, Diesel.

To read
I'm thinking of reading Alison Weir's Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen and Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession next. Who doesn't love novels about the wives of Henry VIII? I've loved reading about the Tudors since I was a wee lass!

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