May. 22nd, 2017

Home again

May. 22nd, 2017 07:11 am
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We are home after three weeks in Germany with Jenny and her family. And I think they might even still like us!

We visited Essen, Munich, Lake Konigssee in the German Alps and some small towns in the Austrian Alps, Berlin, Peine, Hamburg, and Köln. We saw wonderful things and ate tons of wonderful food. Jenny and her family made all the hotel and restaurant reservations and made sure I could ride my mobility scooter to museums and on trains and buses. We gave them a list of things we'd like to see and they made an itinerary for us. And Jenny even took 3 weeks off from work to hang out with us. I can't thank them enough!!

Germany is am amazing country! I saw Van Gogh's in the art museums, I saw the bust of Nefertiti in Berlin, the Ishtar Gate from Ancient Babylon, several famous beerhalls, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate. I ate German food, Turkish, Yugoslavian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, along with fish from a harbor vendor and homemade Schnitzel.

We rode planes, trains and automobiles all over the place.

We have thousands of photos.

And I am tired and have 3 weeks of laundry to do...

I will be catching up as I can and sharing some photos as well. I miss Jenny and her folks but it is also good to be back home too. I wish that i could bring them with us.


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