Apr. 24th, 2017

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March 2017

I really enjoyed this one. Rita and Flori are fun and funny and the food talk will keep your mouth watering! The mystery is decent as well. I'll be reading all of these and waiting for more! I nabbed some good looking recipes from it as well.

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March 2017

I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes so this one was a must read. The mystery was good, with some hints as to who it was, but not too easy to figure out. I had to get used to Gemma's quirky personality - she is a female Sherlock though I am not sure she knows it. Her best friend is cute and apparently Gemma's polar opposite. The romantic interest is a cop who was once Gemma's boyfriend (and could be again). The nemesis is a particularly nasty woman cop, who could be Lastrade, I suppose. There is also a 90 year old traveling uncle who we never actually meet.

I read the book in one day - I couldn't put it down. I'm looking forward to more.

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April 2017

Another funny one with Rita and Flori and the gang. More delicious food and more murder! Rita is a single mom in Santa Fe with one daughter, a Gothy teen and an ex who is a skirt chasing jerk. Her boss, Flori, is in to Sun Tzu and The Art of War and snooping. All this and murder make one wild ride. A really fun cozy!

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April 2017

This one did not do it for me. There was too much clothing talk. The description of every single stitch that every single person in the entire book wore every single time they appeared got old by page 5. That's a bit too much filler.

The mystery was okay but there wasn't enough of it. The characters were okay but again, too much about their attire and not enough about them.


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